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About the website

Public school websites

This website is a channel for one of our school units in Västerås city. A school unit can be a preschool, a primary school, a secondary school, or higher vocational school. The website is there if you are looking for a place in one of our schools or if you are looking for a job with us and would want to know more about the specific school. The school websites were redesigned between 2017-2019 to improve the experience for you as a user. The Childcare and Education Department of Västerås is responsible for all school websites.

About cookies

On vasteras.se cookies are used

It is a text file that is stored on your computer when you visit us, which allows us to recognize you next time. We do not store any personal information such as email or your name as a visitor. Cookies is used to facilitate access to information and to save settings made. If you accept this, click on the "Jag godkänner" button at the top of the screen.
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More about cookies

Cookies are used on many websites to give a visitor access to various features and facilitate browsing. There are two types of cookies. One type saves a file for an extended period on your computer. For example, it is used for functions that tell you what is new since the user last visited the current web site. The second type of cookies is called session cookie. While you are browsing a site, this cookie is temporarily stored in your computer's memory, for example, to keep track of which language you have chosen. Session cookie disappears from your computer when you close your browser. On vasteras.se, both types of cookies are used.

About personal data

How we process your personal data

The City of Västerås is committed to protecting the personal data we handle, and we want both private individuals and companies to have confidence in our work. Below is information about how the city handles your personal data, your rights in case your personal data is registered by the City of Västerås, and how to get in touch with us in case of questions.
Also, you can always request to know the information about how your personal data is processed.
You do this by contacting the municipality at 021-39 00 00 or email kontaktcenter@vasteras.se.

Read more about how we process personal data in Västerås city.

About the General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (DSF) (GDPR) is designed to prevent your personal privacy from being violated through the improper processing of personal data.
Your personal data may only be processed if you have approved it or if there is support in the GDPR, DSF or other law.

Read more about the General Data Protection Regulation on the Data Protection Authority's website. (Link)