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Application process

How to apply

Your child will only be accepted to the school if your child:

  • will be staying in Sweden for a limited amount of time and
  • has enough knowledge of the English language to participate in class

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to call Kontaktcenter at 021-39 00 00.

Recently arrived in Sweden

If you want to apply for a place for your child at our school and have recently arrived in Sweden, contact Origo at origo@vasteras.se.

Origo works with students who have recently arrived from outside of Sweden. Origo’s job is to inform newly arrived students about the Swedish School System, and help with the application to school.

Change of schools within Västerås

If your child is currently enrolled in a school in Västerås, apply by using the form Grade, Västerås English Public School, change of school, application. You find it under the letter G, use the link below.

Grade, Västerås English Public School, change of school, application

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