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Information om International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme - IB - på Carlforsska gymnasiet

International Baccalaureate

Diploma Program - IBDP


IB program prepares you for the future and futhur studies around the world. The program is all in english.

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Högskoleförberedande program


IB är ett studieförberedande program som är likadant över hela världen och genom detta så antas du till högre utbildningar i andra länder på samma sätt som alla andra som läst ett IB-program. Du får givetvis också behörighet till universitet och högskola i Sverige. Du söker på samma sätt som du söker de andra gymnasieprogrammen men om du inte har svenska som modersmål och vistats i Sverige en kortare tid så kan du ändå få en plats genom att göra inträdesprov i engelska och matematik. "think globally, act locally"


In English

You can read more about the IB program at Carlforsska gymnasium below. It is all in english.

More about IB Pdf, 266.5 kB.

IB is the world's only internationally recognised high school programme. It is available in over 2000 schools in 130 countries worldwide. The whole curriculum is taught in English and after you have your diploma you will be able to continue your education anywhere in the world. This is made that much easier as IB is a highly esteemed programme that employers and universities around the world instantly recognise and respect.

You should choose the IB diplom programme if you:

  • Want to study in English
  • Want your studies to be demanding
  • Want to be able to tailor your curriculum to your own desires and future plans
  • Want to become an active world citizen
  • Want an international perspective to your high school studies and the option of university studies anywhere in the world.

In Sweden, you study the diploma programme over the course of three years, of which the first year is a preparatory year. During year 1, you will study subjects that bridge between your previous studies and the diploma programme.

Pre-DP, year 1

  • Art and Design
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English/English as second language
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Physical education
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Study skills
  • Swedish/Swedish as second language

During year 2 and 3 you will study one subject from each group:

  • Group 1 Language A- studies in language and literature: Swedish and English, Studies in literature: Arabic, Spanish, Serbian. Lithuanian, Russian, Persian, Italian, Somali or your own native language.
  • Group 2 Language B- language acquisition: English, Swedish
  • Group 3 Individuals and societes: history, global politics, Psychology, enviromental systems and societes.
  • Group 4 Sciences: Chemistry, physics, biology, environmental systems and societes.
  • Group 5 Mathematics: Various math courses are avaible according to students needs.
  • Group 6 Arts: Art and Design ( or another subject from group 1, 2, 3 or 4.)

Beside the disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies the diploma programme features three core elements that are designed to broaden your educational experience and challenge you to apply your knowledge and skills.

All students follow an interdisciplinary course in (TOK) "Theory Of Knowledge" that develops critical thinking and a deeper understanding of both your studies and yourself.

(CAS) "Creativity, Activity and Service" stimulates social engagement, personal creativity as well as physical activity.

Your (EE) "Extended Essay" is a research project which is an extensive research paper on one subject, equivalent to swedish "Gymnasiearbete".

Admission into IB program is exactly the same as admission into any other gymnasium program:

  • For those students in year 9, apply for Carlforsska/IB during your application process.
  • For those students who are already following a gymnasium program and wish to transfer, speak to your SYV about transfering into our program
  • For those students who are presently completing the "språkintroduktion", speak to your SYV who will guide you through our entrance tests (see below).
  • For those students who have recently arrived in Sweden and have not completed year 9 of "högstadiet" in Sweden you will have to complete our entrance tests (see below).

Entrance requirements


To enter the IB program, you need to have completed year 9 of Swedish högstadiet. Just like other high-school preparation course, you require a total of 12 passing grades in academic subjects from year 9. These must be the three core subjects (Sv, Eng, Ma) plus ANY OTHER 9 subjects.

Whilst we do not demand high point scores to enter the IB program, it should be pointed out that IB is a challenging program that suits students who want a challenge and want to be challenged. Therefore 250 points from year 9 is a recommended minimum for anyone who wants to succeed in IB.


Entrance tests


Entrance tests are only required for those students who recently arrived in Sweden. Students that are within the Swedish system already need not complete entrance tests as they may qualify for entrance through their "behörighet".

The entrance tests for entry into year one consists of two parts:

· Part 1 is a Maths Exams, where your basic maths skills will be tested.

o For guidance see this website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/examspecs/z8sg6fr which has lots of support material. All of the regular content (NOT “higher level”) for the “number” and “algebra” topics is useful.

· Part 2 is an English Exam, where your reading comprehension and writing skills will be tested.

o For guidance and old exam papers of a similar level see this website: https://nafs.gu.se/prov_engelska/exempel_provuppgifter/engelska_ak9_exempeluppg. All of the content listed as part of reading and writing is useful.

After your three years at IB-DP at Carlforsska Gymnasiet you are very well prepared to join higher education all over the world including Sweden.